Spring Into Singing

April 22, 2017  - Spring into Singing!

Regional event; 1/2 day workshop 10-12 noon
Edmonton: Monica Dear  - Ukulele in the Classroom
Calgary : Jan Taylor Bilenki - Digging Deep in the Music Room:  Composition Ideas for Grades 1-6

$10 members/ $10 students/ $20 non members

Jan Taylor-Bilenki

This session will focus on helping students to build confidence and skill in creating during music classes.  Topics will include:  understanding selected compositional techniques, improvisation and planning ideas for both short and longer term inquiry into composition.

There will be opportunities to share your own successes in these areas.

Monica Dear

I cannot change the oil in your car, perform a root canal, or frankly, tell the difference between a Megabyte and a kilowatt…
I can, however, teach music teachers how to teach ukulele. 
I have enjoyed teaching ukulele to my students ever since the last century, even when it wasn’t cool. I generally begin teaching ukulele to grade 4 students, by then they are chomping at the bit to learn. It is so satisfying to see them bloom as musicians. So many concepts come alive for them through playing ukes.
I love seeing teachers become brave enough to teach ukulele to their own students, with good pedagogy, 
technique, skills and a wide variety of repertoire. I share the course that I have developed over the years, incorporating new and current materials, from the best that YouTube has to offer to the excellent resources developed by the acclaimed James Hill.
I am a Level III James Hill Ukulele Initiative Certified teacher. (Woohoo! I worked hard for that!)