Kodaly Summer Training 2015

Kodály Level 1: Musicianship, Pedagogy, and Choral


Dates / Locations

June 22-29, 2015
Online word via eClass (Moodle)

July 6-17, 2015
University of Alberta Campus (on-campus)


Musicianship, Choral Conducting and Ensemble: Dr. Ardelle Ries
Pedagogy and Materials: Jody Stark


This course is designed for elementary teachers interested in strengthening their teaching skills related to the development of children’s music literacy. Pedagogical principles and practices to develop music literacy skills in primary grades will be explored with a special emphasis on contemporary pedagogy inspired by Zoltán Kodály. Building a positive classroom environment for music learning within the context of developing musical understanding will be discussed with daily hands-on exploration of learner-centered materials, resources, and teaching strategies appropriate for each grade level. 

Choral repertoire and vocal pedagogy suitable for singers in primary grades will be examined. Students will also have the opportunity to continue developing their own personal singing, conducting, and general musicianship skills (e.g., inner hearing, tonic solfa, sight singing) in the context of daily course activities. NOTE: Qualified undergraduates may be eligible to take these courses upon approval of the instructors.

For more information

Jody Stark
E: jlstark@ualberta.ca

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