Music Conference Alberta 2013

Music Conference Alberta will be held in Red Deer on November 1-2, 2013. 

The Elementary Music Sessions will be: 

Recorders in the Elementary Classroom:  Making Real Music with Real Instruments | Dr. Eila Peterson

This session explores ways of integrating recorders into the elementary general music class, as an accompaniment to, and in conjunction with singing.  Tips for developing recorder technique as well as transferring vocal tone and intonation to instrumental performance will be highlighted.  Advantages of German and Baroque recorder fingerings will be discussed.  Ways to incorporate recorder playing with songs and music reading activities appropriate to various grade levels from 1 through 6 will be presented. Feel free to bring your own recorder.  Some soprano recorders will be available for participant use.

One Small Voice Can Teach the World a Song: Helping Children to Find Their Voices | Judy Pearson Hafso

This session will reveal activities that facilitate development of vocal flexibility, in-tune singing, and good tone that can empower students to express their minds and hearts through confident singing.  

My Students’ PlayList:  Favourite Songs and Activities for K-5 | Judy Pearson Hafso

In this session, Judy will introduce various singing, movement and rhythm activities that teach and reinforce the elements of music and create community.

Framework for a Lesson: Establishing Routines in the Classroom | Judy Pearson Hafso

Teaching activities that welcome in, transition, and send out students each day.

Smart Recorder: Apps and Digital Resources for Teaching Note Reading, Rhythms and Recorder | Denise Gagne

In this session, Denise will introduce apps for iPad/iPhone and Android and digital games and resources for teaching note reading, rhythms and recorder. Denise will share different ways and reasons to use iPads in the classroom and will show how to hook up iPad to computer/projector. There are so many amazing free and almost free apps and Smartboard files that it’s hard to find time to review them all. This session will give teachers a preview of some of the best!

Kodaly Singing Games | Jody Stark

Singing games are not only fun, they are also an authentic musical practice enjoyed and invented by children throughout the ages. This session shows how to tap into the power of traditional children’s games as a gateway into musical expression and notation, and as a way to provide meaningful encounters with art. Participants will have the chance to play a variety of games for all elementary ages and will also be given ideas for extending musical learning through activities in reading, writing, and developing musicianship and musicality.


For more information and registration, visit the ACF website.